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Superior Sound for the Serious Musician

Did you know that virtually all professional musicians use mastering specialists? Just check the labels on your favorite CDs. You’ll see that each recording was “Mastered by” an expert — someone with the equipment and skills necessary to transform the recording into a masterpiece.

Now you can achieve the outstanding effects of professional mastering! Give your music the attention it deserves, and create the results you can only imagine -- and at rates you can afford!

"The results were amazing. Within a matter of minutes, he fixed every problem that bothered me.
As he performed his musical alchemy, I could hear my tune come alive! I could not believe my ears.
He is not a Mastering Engineer but an absolute Audio Magician. He is clearly the Merlin of his art."
- Bobby Reed; Singer, Songwriter, Engineer, and Producer

Your Music Deserves Quality Mastering!

You’re proud of your music, and rightly so. You’ve spent much time and effort creating a unique sound and recording it. But your recording isn’t ready for mass production and sales. First, you need High Fidelity Mastering. Why?

Before committing your music to CD or DVD, you want to ensure that every sound — every note — is as close to perfection as humanly and technically possible. You want your recording to come to life with vibrant tones and rich detail. Perhaps you’d also like to “tweak” a few things, present your songs at the same volume, or change their order.

Prepare Your Recording for Primetime!

To help you achieve your goals, High Fidelity Mastering employs the finest audio equipment and expert technical skill available. Add to that our extensive experience in the audio field, and we’ll create a master 2-channel CD or 5.1-channel DVD of your music that resonates with astounding sound!

Size matters! That’s why our mastering studio was built even larger than Sony’s Mastering Studio! This allows us to pack our facility with the very best digital and analog mastering equipment available. Quality matters, too, so our mastering studio has been acoustically designed to allow only your music to be heard, not the room.

We’re equipped to handle your specific needs, whatever they might be. Among our many capabilities are:

  • Mastering in stereo
  • Stereo to 5.1 surround-sound Mastering
  • Reverb Mastering for music and film
  • Mastering for headphone listening
  • Restoration of low fidelity audio to high fidelity audio

Your Music is Special - So Hire a Specialist!

Unlike recording studios, we specialize in music mastering. And unlike most mastering facilities, we offer the very best in equipment, experience, and skill. We’re also passionate about quality.

For the best in audio quality, make sure your recording label says, “Mastered by High Fidelity Mastering”!

Congratulations to Steve Rushingwind and Michael Mucklow for winning Best New Age Recording at the 2014 Native American Music Awards (NAMMY) Awards for their album Bridge that was mastered by High Fidelity Mastering. Visit their web site at http://www.rushingwind-mucklow.com/

John Cousins

John Cousins (left) won the 2014 New Mexico Music Awards for Best Jazz Song, with his song The Ides. Also, The Red Light Cameras, who could not be at the ceremony, won Best Pop CD with their album "For Those Who Favor Fire, all Mastered by Andy.

Like Anyone Else


"Mike Gifford (left), Ken Pascoe, and Rich Farley (not pictured) of the band Like Anyone Else, won the 2013 New Mexico Music Awards for Best Indie Rock, with their song Young Man, Mastered by Andy."

Best World Beat


"Michael Mucklow (left) and Steve Rushingwind won the 2013 New Mexico Music Awards for Best World Beat, with their song Return to Your Glory, Mastered by Andy."

Best Instrumental Performance

"Wayne Reynolds won the 2013 New Mexico Music Awards for Best Instrumental Performance, with his song 3 AM, Mastered by Andy."

Andy with Breaking Blue


Andy with the Breaking Blue Band and their 2012 New
Mexico Music Awards win for Best Folk Traditional, with their song Crowded Room, Mastered by Andy.




2011 NM Music Award


Chrystal Anderson and Randy Martin of Breaking Blue, present Andy with the 2011 New Mexico Music Award trophy for Best Americana song "Old Roads". This song is off their first album Andy mastered entitled "Crowded Room".


"Andy Rogulich at High Fidelity Mastering made our recording really sparkle. Through his vast knowledge and superb equipment, he was able to bring out each instrument and tighten up our sound beyond any and all expectations. We went into this project wanting to sound professional, and Andy took us there."
- Randy Martin of Breaking Blue and Mourning to Mercy


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On May 20, 2012, Andy was awarded "Best Mastering Engineer" at the New Mexico Music Awards held at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Albuquerque. This was the first time for this category in the 25 years of the awards. This is our local equivalent of the Grammy's!

I couldn't believe how well is sounded on my system at home. It is far better than the vinyl record was when it (the record) was brand new. It will give me thousands of hours of enjoyment (and I'll enjoy playing it for friends, too). Thanks so much.
-- Jeff P


High Fidelity Mastering is a proud sponsor of the New Mexico Music Awards. Checkout their site and read Andy's article on
"The Importance of Mastering"

Wow! Just started mastering some of my music at High Fidelity Mastering and…ohh is Andy Rogulich great at what he does!! If you record music, you need to know this guy!
--Wayne Reynolds
When I first listened to some field audio that came in from a recent video interview, I thought I was in real trouble. There was a very high noise level and the levels were extremely low. It was hopeless.... Fortunately, I remembered Andy and High Fidelity Mastering. I really doubted anything could be done to fix the recording, but Andy offered to give it a try with a short test. The interview was excellent and the thought of loosing it was more than I could bare. After I listened to the test, my jaw hit the floor. I was flabbergasted! The noise was gone and the levels were normalized. Andy had done the impossible! I green lighted the project and voila! I had clean audio and could finish the entire video edit. Thank Goodness for High Fidelity Mastering. Andy's services are well worth making some noise over!

David Wolf
Smallbiz America


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