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Your music is special - so hire a specialist! With over 48 years of experience, a Multi-Award Winner, and Proud Sponsor of the New Mexico Awards, High Fidelity Mastering offers the very best in equipment, skill and quality.

Andy Rogulich, owner and mastering engineer, has accrued more than 48 years of experience in mixing for House, Television, Live Radio Broadcasting, and Recording. But Andy brings more than experience to High Fidelity Mastering.

With academic degrees in Electrical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, and Management of Technical Operations, Andy is exceptionally adept at understanding, operating, and controlling the most sophisticated electronic equipment.

Andy is also a graduate of the Masterpiece School of Mastering, South Padre Island, TX, taught by Billy Stull of Masterpiece Mastering and Legendary Audio. This unique training further qualifies him to render the very best service to discerning professionals who want superior results.

Andy’s education, mastering training, and experience make him exceptionally qualified to master your recording into perfection! In addition, his integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness ensure that his clients are always treated fairly. You will receive the very best value for your music investment!

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