We have the capability of decoding any vintage Quadraphonic format you may have on your original source material. Whether it's QS, SQ, or CD-4 on vinyl, or Discrete Reel-to-Reel or 8-Track Cartridge tape.

QS Format

  • Sansui QSD-1 Decoder (The Decoder used for the first Surround Sound Movie, Star Wars) 

SQ Format

  • Fosgate Tate II Model 101A (The best SQ Decoder ever built) 

CD-4 Format

  • Marantz CD-400 Demodulator (Modified for improved separation) 

  • Marantz 4000 Preamplifier 

  • JVC 4MD-20X CD-4 Phono Cartridge 

  • Audio Technica ATS14 CD-4 Shibata Stylus


Tape Decks

  • Sony TC-854 4-Channel Reel-to-Reel

  • Akai CD80D SS Quad 8-Track Cartridge 

Auxiliary Equipment

  • DBX Model 124 Type II 4-Channel Noise Reduction System 

  • Teac AN-300 Dolby B 4-Channel Noise Reduction System 

  • Technics SH-3433 4-Channel Audio Scope

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