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These demos are songs that have won a New Mexico Music Award, our local equivalent of a Grammy. Listen to the original first, then listen to the master. They will show you just some of the capabilities we have to master a song.

Eb & Hal - Contemporary
Eb Lottimer and Hal Howren have won several New Mexico Music Awards. Their album "On My Way Home" won the 2022 Album of the Year and it's title song won 2022 Best Mastering Engineer. Learn more about the band here.
Durkmoose - Instrumental Rock
Pickett & Hooker.png
Durkmoose is Aaron Pickett and Tyler Hooker. Their first album "Hill Controlled" song "Delirium" won the 2021 Best Mastering Engineer. Learn more about the band here.
Breaking Blue - FOLK

Breaking Blue is a Folk band based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This song is from Breaking Blue, entitled "Old Roads" from their Crowded Room album. Learn more about the artist here.

Like Anyone Else - ROCK

Like Anyone Else is a Rock band formed in 2010. This song is from Like Anyone Else, entitled "Young Man" from their Seven album. Learn more about the artist here.

Red Light Cameras - POP

Red Light Cameras is Pop Rock band formed in Albuquerque playing a mix of soulful rock and garage pop.This song is from their For Those Who Favor Fire album entitled "Fire". Learn more about this artist here.

Rushingwind & Mucklow - NEW AGE

Rushingwind and Mucklow is a new age duo who are award-winning artists from New Mexico. This song is from their Bridge album entitled "Return to Your Glory". Learn more about this artist here.

Ray Anthony - JAZZ
Ray Anthony.jpg

Ray Anthony is an award-winning Jazz artist based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This song is entitled "Burque Kool". Learn more about this artist here.


Doug Lawrence - JAZZ

Doug Lawrence is the world renowned saxophone player who has played with just about everyone over the last 45 years. This song is from one of his

live recordings. Learn more about this artist here.



Jimmy Fong is a multi-talented artist who lives in Melbourne, Australia and has written original material about his homeland in Malaysia, as well
as had the opportunity to perform with John Denver.


The first song Helang Langkawi is from his album Just When You Thought. The second song Country Roads is from his soon to be released album A Tribute to John Denver. You can learn more about his time with John Denver here.



You can learn more about this artist here.

Ginger Millermon - CHRISTIAN

Ginger Millermon is a Christian artist from Hutchinson, Kansas. This song is from her album Hymns entitled "My Sovereign God". Learn more about this artist here.

Connie Long - COUNTRY

Connie Long is a new Country and Western singer and songwriter from Santa Fe, NM. This song, "6 CD's and a Heartache"  is from her debut album
entitled "Hello There". Learn more about this artist and her band Fast Patsy here.


Chris Jaramillo is a multi-instrumentalist from Santa Fe, NM that just completed mastering his newest album with Andy at High Fidelity Mastering
entitled "Let Me Tell You a Story". The sample song "In Silence" is from this album. Learn more about the artist here.


Jim Gross is a Christian artist from Albuquerque, NM. This title song is from his newest album entitled "Circle of the Lord". Learn more about the artist here.

The Dregz - ROCK 'N' ROLL

The Dregz is a Rock 'n' Roll Band from Albuquerque, NM. This song "Boggy" is from their newest album entitled "Borrowed Time". Learn more about the band here.

Joaquin Gallegos - FLAMENCO

Joaquin Gallegos is a award-winning international touring artist from Santa Fe, NM. This song "Antepasados (seguiriya)" is from his newest album "Nuevos Comienzos". Learn more about the artist here.

  • Aaron Pickett

  • Abby Linhart

  • Abel McBride

  • Abraham the Poor (Josh Gaines)

  • Absinthe

  • Aiden Cameron

  • Alan Douglass

  • Albert Baca

  • Amani Malaika

  • Anita Andrews

  • Anne House

  • April Barreiro

  • Arturo Ricardo Montoya

  • Avista Video Histories

  • Balcony Scene

  • BLAS Records - Ivan Murillo

  • Bob Danielson (Alchemie)

  • Bob Delich

  • Bobby Reed

  • Breaking Blue

  • Cassii El 

  • Charley McKay

  • Chris Jaramillo

  • Chris Sena

  • Connie Long & Fast Patsy

  • Consort-Un-Caged

  • Cristen Grey

  • Daniel Warden

  • David Heintzleman

  • David Holmberg

  • David Logsted

  • David MacRae (Third Eye Studios)

  • David Shook

  • Dennis Vigil

  • Desert Springs Church

  • Doug Lawrence

  • Dustin Vigil

  • Eazy Wayne

  • Eb & Hal

  • Electric Fish Band

  • Eli Willard

  • Elijah Prophet

  • Elliot Kuzio

  • Film Nest Studios

  • Gar Sanders

  • Gene Youngblood

  • Gerome Fragua

  • Ginger Millermon

  • Glenn Kostur

  • Global Theory

  • Hugo Carson

  • Jace Ross

  • Jack Bowers

  • Jerry Langwell

  • JHNO

  • Jim Frost

  • Jim Gross

  • Jim Mayo

  • Jimmy Fong

  • Joaquin Gallegos

  • Joey Belville

  • John Cousins

  • Jon Lee

  • Josh Bien

  • Jove's Hand

  • Karen Watson

  • Kathleen Sullivan

  • Kevin "Kookie" Jones

  • Kristy Hinds

  • Kwang-sun Stevens

  • Lenn Hammond

  • Leonie Rosenstiel

  • Like Anyone Else

  • Logan Nix

  • Marie Smith

  • Mark Hawkins

  • Mark Nelson

  • Mark Palermo

  • Mary Jenkins

  • Meredith Wilder

  • Michael Mucklow

  • Michael Rogel

  • Michael Wood (East Mt High School)

  • Micky Patten

  • Mike Gifford

  • Mike Maung (Hats Addiction)

  • Mourning to Mercy

  • Nancy Haubrich

  • Nate Carter

  • National Dance Institute

  • Nick Campos

  • North America
    (Josh & Jesse Hasko)

  • National Museum of Nuclear Science and History

  • North American
    Jules Verne Society

  • Randy Martin

  • Ray Anthony

  • Red Light Cameras

  • Repel the Robot

  • Rick Wicker

  • Rick Walter

  • Roch Lockyer

  • Roger Burns Entertainment

  • Ron Bosserman

  • Rome Mazza

  • Rosefrail

  • Royality Life Records

  • Rushingwind and Mucklow

  • Sam Isabel

  • Sandia National

  • Sandia Presbyterian

  • Sanctuary Sound Studios

  • Saving Damsels

  • Seabear Ho

  • Sean Trauth

  • Sheila Eden

  • Skip Pascoe

  • Sleeping Dogs Lie

  • Small Biz America
    (David Wolf)

  • Sonic Werks Recording Studio

  • Sonny Wilkes

  • Stephanie Long

  • Steve Fawcett

  • Steve ONeill (Adobe Recording Studio)

  • Still Closed For Repairs

  • Susan Winter 

  • The Dregz

  • The Kipsie's

  • Theta Rhythm

  • The Buckarettes (Katie Gill)

  • The Earthrise Institute
    (Dr. Alan Hale)

  • The Uprising Band

  • The Wilanders

  • Todd White (White Noise

  • Tom McVeety

  • Trinity Broadcasting

  • Tyler Hooker

  • Wayne Dotson

  • Wayne Reynolds

  • Whispering Doug

  • Russ Berger Design Group
  • HFM Bandmix
  • HFM Facebook
  • Mix Magazine
  • HFM Podcast
  • HFM on You Tube
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