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High Fidelity Mastering reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. We do not master or restore any songs with profanity. We charge sales tax if you live in New Mexico, we do not charge sales tax if you are out of state or outside the Unites States of America.

When you decide to have us master your work, the initial listening of your songs to let you know if it is ready for mastering is free. We also provide a free sample of one song to give the client an idea of just how good the benefits are of having us master your project. If you decide not to have us master your work, consultation time is $100 per hour.

Once the client decides to have us master your project, we will give you an estimate of how much it will cost to complete the project. We charge for all work done on your project. Our fee is $100 per hour, and it typically takes one hour per song. If the client decides to want to have something changed on the song or provides a new mix of the song, this will require charging $100 per hour for the rework. The client will be responsible for notifying High Fidelity Mastering in writing when they consider a specific song finished from any further mastering or restoration.

All work is paid upfront and is an estimate of what we believe it will cost to complete your project. The cost may go up or down from our estimated price. If it goes down, we will reimburse your account. If it goes up, we will send you a new invoice for the known charges.

We do not allow clients in the room while we are working on their project. If a client insists on being present, a background check will first be performed before the session begins. The cost to attend a mastering session is $200 per hour.

Payments are made in advance via, cash, check ($35 fee for returned checks), or to our PayPal account (, we do not accept credit cards.

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